About Us

Our History

We first started building mods in the spring of 2016. Anglerfish555 and Viperfish2000 created the first post for Minenautica to showcase just a few item texture and entity models they had created. Later, they showed their new page to Frozenfarmer64, and he decided to join the team as a programmer. The three of us embarked on a journey of mod making that would teach us new tools and skills, such as texturing, modeling, animating, programming, and video editing. Back then, the modeling program we used was known as techne, a long outdated Minecraft modeling software for creating java models. By the time we posted our first version of Minenautica, we had already begun building up a small community. In order to announce our first release, we animated a short video using Mine-Imator. After several years of updates, we built up a large community and succeeded in gaining over 90,000 downloads, but due to time constraints and problems with the speed of rendering chunks in 1.7.10, we began slowing our updates.

In the summer of 2018, Anglerfish555 and Viperfish2000 attended 2 week long coding classes that introduced Java and programming in Minecraft. Using skills acquired from these courses and tutorials by Harry Talks on Youtube, we created the Osiris mod for Minecraft 1.11.2. This mod was created with the intention of practicing programming skills that would be needed to update Minenautica or create new mods.

In the June of 2019, Anglerfish555 and Viperfish2000 decided to continue Minenautica without Frozenfarmer64. We successfully released a preview version of Minenautica 2.0 for Minecraft 1.13.2. Plans remain in the future to possibly continue updating this version.

We created the VSCO Mod in late July while we were on summer vacation. While scrolling through the For You Page, Anglerfish555 noticed a video where a Minecraft user claimed to make their Minecraft world more VSCO. We realized we could take this a step further than vanilla Minecraft by writing our own VSCO mod. We began by adding a Hydroflask to Minecraft, and the mod built up around the VSCO trend. However, since then, this mod has evolved into so much more than a trend. Along the way we have met new friends, such as ashamed.ella on Tik Tok, and encountered problems such as “identity theft” (Our Tik Tok videos now all have watermarks for a reason). We are proud of the supportive community we have built on Tik Tok and enjoy posting videos and updates to our other social media platforms as well. We have found Tik Tok an effective means to deliver content to our community because the short length of our videos allows us to showcase or focus on one feature we created and show its development/creation. We have put a lot of time into the project despite a massive delay from school, and we hope the initial release will provide a window into a bright future of many more possible features to come. We hope we can listen to our community to decide how we can continue developing features of this mod.

The future looks bright for this website and our projects. We plan to seperate Baby Yoda into its own mod so Star Wars fans can enjoy this feature without VSCO Mod features. We also may upload maps that we have created in the past. Another idea for our future is the creation of a Minecraft server with the VSCO Mod. We currently own a server, but too much extra time may be needed to monitor and moderate a server, but we will certainly look into this idea. A much desired idea is the porting of the VSCO Mod to Minecraft Bedrock edition. This would be very time consuming, especially with our current limited knowledge on Bedrock’s programming language. Also, Bedrock does not allow us to add blocks via addons, and blocks are a key feature of the mod, so we would need to find ways to work around this (by using entities or modifying block models).