How to install mods 

In order to install a mod, make sure you have the recommended version of minecraft forge installed. Forge is available through their website. Download the "Recommended Installer for the appropriate version of Minecraft. Open the installer and follow the instructions to download and create your Forge profile. Then place the desired mod/s in your "mods" folder (located in the .minecraft directory) and launch the game using the newly created Forge profile. In order to install a resource pack for Java edition, simply place the downloaded file in your "resourcepacks" folder, also located in the .minecraft directory. Then, once you have launched the game, select the resource pack in the Resource Pack menu in Minecraft's options.                 

Minecraft Forge


About Us  

We (MW Cubed) are the creator of the Minenautica and Vibecraft for Minecraft Java Edition. Our team has had experience dealing with Minecraft for more than five years and we are committed to providing functional and aesthetic mods to the Minecraft community. We hope to inspire other Minecraft fans to create their own mods as well or gain an interest in computer science.

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Underwater survival mod  

This mod for minecraft 1.7.10 adds features based on the popular game subnautica. Explore a whole new underwater dimension filled with sea life and biomes to explore!   




The VSCO mod for Minecraft 

This mod for minecraft 1.14.4 adds many decorative features to your Minecraft world. Make your room, house, or village vibe with trendy blocks, items, and clothing!               


VSCO Mod                 

Other Projects

In development 

Other mods and projects are in development such as the Osiris Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2. We will create projects beyond Minenautica and the VSCO Mod for the community.


Osiris Mod