Minenautica Mod Changelog

2.0.0 pre1








-red eyeye






-New! Skyray

-New! Stalker


-animations for all the fish

-sounds for skyray, peeper, and stalker

-raw items for all fish

-magnetite block, ore and rock

-copper block, ore and rock

-uranium block, ore and rock

-titanium block, ore and rock

-lithium block, ore and rock

-magnetite block, ore and rock

-aluminum oxide block, ore and rock

-silver block, ore and rock

-quartz ore and rock

-salt ore

-acid mushroom



-aluminum oxide

-rocket nose cone

-rocket fin

-rocket body

-rocket thruster

-rocket fuel

-nutrient cube

-filtered water


-self-charging power cell

-(lifepod) light 1-2

-floor hatch

-top hatch

-float 1-4

-lifepod wall 1-2

-lifepod floor 1-7

-lifepod bench

-lifepod ladder 1-2

-lifepod chair 1-2

-small decal 1-2

-large decal


-lifepod stair

-hullplate 1-8

-hullplate damaged 1-5

-hullplate ember

-beam 1-2

-aurora floor 1-5

-aurora coil 1-2

-aurora light 1-5

-aurora floor 1 slab

-aurora coil 1 slab

-aurora stair

-aurora battery

-damaged seamoth

-aurora fence

-extinguisher holder

-invisible ladder

-extinguishable fire

-launch pad

-horizon rocket

-retextures for most crafting items

-removed uranium

-added lifepod

-added aurora

-kelp height can now be 5-12 blocks under the surface instead of 2

-fixed kelp lighting glitch

-hatch sound


-removed islands

-lockers and medkit fabricator sound

-new quartz model

-new lithium model

-new sandstone outcrop model

-new limestone outcrop model

-increased pump range

-renamed redwort

-improved biome generation

-new formations

-removed sugarcane



-Server compatibility!



-Tweaked fog colors

-Made biomes bigger

-Made grassy plateaus flatter

-Added green table coral spawning in kelp forest

-Kelp mines slower (no more accidently destroying whole forests!)

-Removed potion particles on armor

-Added aqua affinity to armor

-Changed mob sizes

-Improved pump radius

-Fixed food hunger values

-Fixed food saturation values

-Fixed beds

-Removed sugarcane



-Lithium crystal

-Bloodgrass and double bloodgrass

-Violet beau

-Red wart

-Blue tangle

-Magenta rod

-Furled papyrus

-Creepvine (normal, top, thin, thin top, seed cluster creepvine, seed cluster thick, seed cluster bottom, seed cluster creepvine top, seed cluster creepvine harvested)

-Drooping stinger and double drooping stinger

-Sandstone outcrop

-Salt deposit

-Giant coral tube

-Orange polyps

-Purple sponge

-Purple sponge block

-Green cover

-Royal brittle


-Grassy plateaus rock

-Kelp forest rock

-Mossy kelp forest rock

-Kelp forest grass

-Kelp forest sand

-fiber mesh

-Plasteel ingot

-Enameled glass




-Stalker tooth

-Grassy plateaus biome!

-Kelp forest biome!

-Voxel tube

-New sun

-New moons (giant and small)

-Removed night vision from dive suit

-Ore spawning tweaks

-New salt water

-Reduced lag

-Fixed med kit fabricator

-Blue seabase block

-No longer need knife for outcrops

-Improved fabricator

-New recipes

-Removed sugarcane



+Quartz glass

+Sea base wall

+Sea base floors

+Sea base lights

+Wall locker (right click to edit text)


+Solar panel (place batteries in to charge)





+Medical kit fabricator (Charge with battery)

+Communication relay and holiday messages

+Base ladder

+Wall shelf

+Single wall shelf

+Light stick

+Supply crate

+Handheld pump (stand in water, right click on top layer to remove it, maximum of 200 blocks of water)

+New items (all recipes usually have the same recipe as Subnautica)

-bug fixes

-removed sugar cane


*Removed abandoned mineshafts spawning in dimension

*Removed monsters spawning issue

*Added lava eyeye

*Added lava boomerang

*Added spinefish

*Added benefits to armor: AEP suit gives night vision, 20 seconds of water breathing, and makes you swim faster

*Changed airsac to bladderfish

*Added small battery

*Added fabricator, uses battery or small battery for charge

*bug fixes

-removed sugarcane



*fixed raw fish spawning glitchy duplicate

*fixed duplicating portal glitch


-safe shallows coral

-short grass

-sea moss

-writhing weed (double)

-seagrass (normal and double)

-red branch (double)

-blue palm

-green reeds

-acid mushroom

-table coral (red, green, purple, and blue)

-shell plate

-slanted shell plate

-veined nettle


-banana leaves

-glossy paper plant

-grub basket

-jaffa cup

-orange tipped frond

-pink cap

-pixie plant

-red stem

-sea lettuce

-squid grass

-speckled rattler

-voxel shrub

-ming plant

-fern palm

-quartz crystal

+Added opacity and bio-luminescence to certain mobs

+Added warper, AEP, and titanium armor

+Added sounds for portal