Beverage Guide 

for Minecraft Java Edition

In this mod, there are three types of beverages: boba tea, smoothies, and coffee. This guide will go through all the necessary steps to brew these beverages.


Find a dragon fruit: This item is similar to a minecraft apple, in the sense that it is a drop from leaves. However, instead of oak leaves, dragon fruits are obtained when jungle leaves break. Search for a jungle biome and destroy trees and leaves until you obtain at least one dragon fruit.

Growing dragon fruit: These fruits can be farmed, which will be helpful for making multiple dragon fruit smoothies. Set aside an area of land made out of sand blocks. Plant the dragon fruit you obtained and wait for it to grow. Remember that crops grow best near water.

Find sweet berries: If you’d rather have berry smoothies, locate sweet berry bushes. These can be found in taiga, mega taiga, and snowy taiga biomes. Simply right click to harvest sweet berries from the ripe bushes once you locate them.

Obtain snow: Find a cold biome such as snowy taigas, high altitudes in extreme hills, and tundras. Use your hand or a shovel to break snow into snowballs. Collect large quantities of snow if you don’t live near a snowy biome, as it may be time consuming to find more snow if you run out.

Craft a glass: Smelt sand into glass, and then use this glass to craft glass panes. After crafting glass panes, make a “u” shape in the crafting table to make a glass.

Crafting a smoothie: Place one glass, one snowball, and one dragon fruit or sweet berry into the crafting table. Enjoy your smoothie!

Metal straw: If you want to save the turtles, you can also put metal straws in your smoothie. Craft a metal straw out of two iron ingots, then craft the straw with your smoothie.


Find coffee beans: All coffee requires coffee beans. These small, red beans can be found in the loot chests of locations like dungeons and abandoned mineshaft chests. It may be difficult to find these structures. Look for abandoned mineshafts in ravines. Another strategy is to look in ocean biomes. If you are traveling by boat, you may notice cave-ins or weird air pockets. These can be caused by abandoned mineshaft structures. If you search in one of these mineshafts, be careful about destroying blocks like sand and gravel as they may cave in and suffocate you.

Grow coffee plants: If you’d like to brew coffee more than one or two times, grow your coffee beans into crops. Coffee plants grow like carrots or potatoes on farmland.

Roast coffee beans: After you’ve obtained enough coffee beans or established a suitable farm, smelt coffee beans in a furnace to create roasted coffee beans.

Craft a mug: Locate clay in rivers or oceans. Mine the clay to obtain clay balls. Place the clay balls in a furnace to smelt them into bricks. After making bricks, make a “u” shape in the crafting table to make a mug.

Obtain water: Use buckets to collect water. Water will be needed in the recipe for coffee and lattes.

Brew coffee: Craft coffee by placing roasted coffee beans, a mug, and a bucket of water in a crafting table. Enjoy your coffee! Drinking coffee will grant you effects for a brief amount of time. Caffeine is a stimulant, so these effects will energize you. Altering drinking coffee, you will receive jump boost, speed, strength, and haste II for 10 seconds.

Brew a latte: If you want to extend the duration of the effects to 12 seconds, brew a latte. Craft sugar cane into sugar and milk cows by right clicking a cow with a bucket. Then craft sugar and milk with the ingredients of coffee to make a latte.

Boba Tea

Find cassava: There are two different types of boba tea: Thai boba tea and matcha boba tea. I will describe the ingredients that both drinks require and then the unique ingredients that the individual drinks require. Cassava is a root plant that is a necessary ingredient for making the boba in boba tea. Similar to carrots and potatoes, cassava can be obtained as a rare drop from killing zombies.

Grow cassava: Because cassava is very rare, grow cassava on farmland so you can have as much as you want.

Make tapioca: In boba tea, the boba pearls are made out of tapioca. Obtain tapioca by smelting you cassava. You will need 1 tapioca per tea.

Make cups: Place glass panes in a “v” shape in the crafting table to obtain a cup.

Find tea leaves seeds: Both matcha and Thai boba tea require ingredients derived from tea leaves. Find tea leaves seeds by searching abandoned mineshafts and dungeons. They are loot inside of minecart chests and dungeon chests.

Farm tea leaves: Plant tea leaves on farmland. When you have a sustainable amount, move on to the next step.

Ferment/cook tea leaves: If you want to make matcha boba tea, ferment tea leaves by crafting raw tea leaves with sugar to make green tea leaves. If you want to make Thai boba tea, you need smelt tea leaves in a furnace to make black tea leaves.

Obtain water: Get water by right clicking water with a bucket.

Make boba tea: In the crafting table, place a cup, a bucket of water, a tapioca, and green tea leaves (if you want matcha boba tea) or black tea leaves (if you want Thai boba tea). Enjoy you boba tea!

Metal straws can also be placed in boba tea for decoration. Craft a metal straw (recipe above) with your boba tea.