Resource Pack Installation Guide 

for Minecraft Java Edition

  1. Head to the “Vibecraft” page on this website.
  2. After clicking the “Java Downloads” link, download our resource pack by clicking the download button of the file labeled “VSCO-Paintings-Pack.” 
  3. After the zip file is fully downloaded, locate this file in your “downloads” folder on your computer. Then, launch Minecraft in the version you wish to use.
  4. Once Minecraft has fully launched, select the “Options” button on the start screen. After this, select the “Resource Packs…” button, and then select “Open Resource Packs Folder.”
  5. Copy or move the file you downloaded called “” from your “Downloads” folder into the folder called “resourcepacks” that opened on your computer after selecting “Open Resource Packs Folder.”
  6. Once the file is now in your “resourcepacks” folder, switch program tabs back to minecraft in the resource pack settings screen.
  7. Click the “Done” button on this screen, returning you back to the initial “Options” screen
  8. Once again, select the “Resource Packs…” button in the “Options” screen to refresh the available resource packs.
  9. Now, underneath “Available Resource Packs,” the resource pack “” should be listed.
  10. Hover your mouse pointer over “” and a gray arrow pointing to the right should appear.
  11. Select this gray arrow, and “” should now be moved directly underneath the section labeled “Selected Resource Packs.”
  12. After selecting the “Done” buttons to exit the options menus, the paintings in your Minecraft world should have new textures.