Hedgehog Guide

for Minecraft Java Edition

Hedgehogs are small, solitary animals. These furry creatures are often mistaken as close relatives to porcupines, which is not the case despite similarities like quills. These small mammals are known for being cute, but are often challenging pets to take care of. However, with this mod, you can easily obtain your own pet hedgehog in Minecraft. The first step to obtaining your pet hedgehog is making sure you have the appropriate supplies to tame one. Hedgehogs eat sweet berries, so you need to find a sweet berry bush. Sweet berry bushes deal damage and slow down the player, so be careful not to become trapped in a patch of these plants.

Sweet berries can be obtained by right clicking a ripe sweet berry bush. To locate a sweet berry bush, search in Taiga, Mega Taiga, or Snowy Taiga biomes. Obtain approximately 10 to 20 berries, which should be more than enough to tame two hedgehogs.

The most difficult step is locating the hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are small and can be difficult to spot and are in some of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. The two biomes where you can find them are flower forest and sunflower fields.

Sunflower fields are characterized by large patches of sunflowers in grassland-like terrain.

Flower forests are similar to regular forest, except for large densities of tulips, peonies, rose bushes, and other flowers.

Locating these biomes can be tricky. I recommend riding a horse over land or riding a boat on a river to speed up the process of searching on foot. These biomes are situated in similar temperature ranges, so search around temperate biomes like regular forests and plains. If you are searching over long distances, press “F3” and take a screenshot of your coordinates so you can navigate back home in case you get lost. If you don’t want to use the screenshot method, simply travel in a straight direction and/or use markers to guide your path. Wood planks and cobblestone make good markers as they stand out well against grass blocks.

Simply space out markers like these pointing in the direction of your home.

Once you’ve located either a flower forest or sunflower fields biome, begin your search for hedgehogs. Look for small groups of brown rectangles in the grass or underneath trees. Approach the hedgehog you want to tame with sweet berries in your hand and right click until red hearts appear above the hedgehog’s head. Congratulations! You now have a pet hedgehog. Because hedgehogs are difficult to locate outside of flower forest and sunflower fields biomes, locate a second hedgehog. Use your remaining berries to tame it so you have two hedgehogs. If you feed the two hedgehogs sweet berries, they will create a baby hedgehog. Hedgehogs don’t move very fast but they can teleport. Even so, be careful not to lose the hedgehogs on your way home as they can get caught in unloaded chunks and not be able to teleport to you. At home, you can prevent your hedgehogs from following you to right click, which puts them on their backs where they will sit and wait until you right click them again.