Frequently Asked Questions 

for Vibecraft

    Q: Where do I download the mod?

    A: Go to Vibecraft and then Java Downloads. Click on the version you want and wait 6 seconds for the download button to be accessible. Then click on the download button.


    Q:Will this mod ever be ported to Bedrock edition (xbox/windows10/mobile)?

    A: Maybe in the future. It will be time consuming to learn C++ so it may take a while.


    Q: Why can’t I find this mod on the Minecraft Marketplace?

    A: The Marketplace is only for Mojang partners and for Bedrock content, so we cannot put this mod on the Marketplace.


    Q: How much does the mod cost?

    A: The mod is free; however, donations are welcome and much appreciated.


    Q: Help. I can’t download the mod, what should I do?

    A: Check out the detailed installation guide.


    Q: Will the mod be back ported to 1.12?

    A: No, there are no future plans to backport the mod.


    Q: Will the mod be updated to 1.15+?

    A: Yes, we will update the mod past 1.14.4 as soon as possible.


    Q: What tools do you use to create the mod?

    A: For programming, we use Eclipse IDE. For creating textures, we use Adobe Photoshop. For creating models, we use Blockbench. Other tools we have used are Tabula and Novaskin. Tabula is another modeling program, while Novaskin allows for texturing in a 3D workspace, but we switched this out for Blockbench.


    Q: How do you create a mod?

    A: The best way to begin is to find tutorials on the internet by people such as Harry Talks on Youtube. You could also join Harry Talk’s Minecraft modding discord, where you can find help from experienced programmers such as Cadiboo.


    Q: How long does it take to create a Tik Tok video?

    A: Typically it takes around six hours from start to finish. We start by coming up with a concept for a new feature in the mod. If we haven’t programmed it already, we program the feature, choose an audio, and start screen recording footage to edit into our video. After editing the video, we upload it to Tik Tok and write a description. Even after posting a video our work isn’t done. We must notify our users via an instagram post or story and monitor the views of the video to decide whether it may be worth reposting the video later with a different caption/audio.


    Q: Why is [Insert Feature/Placing this item] shown in the trailer, but not available in the mod?

    A: Some features, such as placing items, is only available in the trailer because we needed a way to show the items in the mod in a cinematic method. Screen recording a floating item doesn’t look very good, so showing the items placed improves the quality of the trailer. The entire trailer was animated in Mine-Imator.


    Q: How do you make a Tik Tok video?

    A: First, we screen record shots of Minecraft, Eclipse, and Blockbench using the built in Windows screen recorder. Then we place the clips into Adobe Premiere Pro along with the Tik Tok audio we want to use. We then splice, trim, and speed u/pslow down the clips, place them in the correct order, and add watermarks. After we are satisfied with our video, we upload it to Tik Tok, write a caption, and post it.


    Q: What is the crafting recipe of [Insert Item/Block]?

    A: Check out the detailed crafting recipe guide.


    Q: Where do I find/How do I tame hedgehogs?

    A: Hedgehogs can be found in flower forest or sunflower fields biomes. Tame the hedgehogs using berries.


    Q: When are you posting your next video/making more scrunchies?

    A: As soon as we can. It takes a good portion of a day to make a video. We don’t always have time to make a video when we are in school.


    Q: Why can’t I pick up items or craft anything?

    A: Make sure you are running the recommended version of Forge for Minecraft 1.14.4.


    Q: How do I obtain crop seeds in survival mode?

    A: You need to search for the seeds in loot chests, such as those found in dungeons or abandoned mineshafts.


    Q: Why are there no paintings?

    A: Make sure you have the paintings resource pack installed in your resource pack folders AND you selected the resource pack from the resource pack menu in-game. View the detailed resource pack installation guide.


    Q: Someone is stealing your videos, what should I do?

    A: Report the account to Tik Tok and contact me by tagging me or direct messaging me on instagram @vsco.mod.


    Q: How can I collab with you?

    A: Email me with your Tik Tok username or if you are representing a brand, which brand that may be. If you want to collaborate, I will usually be able to handle the entire video making process without any hel/prequirements from you, but you can help as much as you would like and I will be open to your ideas.


    Q: My question isn’t on here, what do I do?

    A: Email or direct message us instagram @vsco.mod.